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When you buy a pack of protege LEAD game for a child, you support the education of that child with a book, pen, pencil, eraser etc.

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Nigeria has 10 million out of school children in the world. What does this make you feel?

Illiteracy is making Africa vulnerable to crime, terrorism, and poverty.It is time to prioritise education for sustainable growth in Africa.

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Over 20 Trillion Dollars has been stolen by bad public office holders in Nigeria.

It's expedient to start educating young adult & children on leadership for socio-economic growth & development in Africa using creative learning and innovative tools.

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Our Score Card

Impact since 2011


12,000 Lives

Goal (2023)

100,000 Lives

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With your token you can change the world and help reduce illiteracy. Raise a generation of new leaders for Africa. Together we can reduce terrorism, bad governance, unemployment, violence, maternal death and foster a sustainable planet.

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We are a team of young people committed, dedicated and passionate about bringing a paradigm shift to the story of Africa through advocacy support for quality education and global citizenship education, mentoring classes, and development of fun and innovative tools.

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Together we can do more. Sponsor a child or a project to educate, mentor and empower children in Africa to become active citizens in their local community for positive change.

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recent causes

  • Read to Lead '16

  • Mowe,Ogun State

At Metamorphosis College, Tunde Adeyinfa street, Mowe, Ogun state. 60 children were in attendance.

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  • Learner's Summit '16

  • Mowe,Ogun State

At MFM mowe youth church, Hebron College, Atala, Mowe, Obafemi-Owode LGA, Ogun. 20 people were in attendance..

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  • Read To Lead '17

  • Mowe,Ogun State

At Pyramid Height Global School, with 106 children in attendance.

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Protege LEAD game is the first African leadership board game. It educate players on basic leadership values while having fun. The game can be played by a maximum of 4 players at a time.

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About us

Young Protege Leadership Foundation

Continuous Learning, Continuous Growth

YOUNG PROTÉGÉ LEADERSHIP ACADEMY is a social enterprise that EDUCATE, MENTOR and EMPOWER children and young adults as change agent and leaders for socioeconomic growth and development in Africa.

To inspire, Motivate, Educate and Mentor new crop of trans-generational leaders for the paradigm shift in Africa as being a waiting continent vis a vis a proactive one.

To educate, mentor and empower a new breed of African leaders through support for quality education(SDG 4) and providing the needed knowledge and skill for personal & communal transformation.

To establish a citadel of leadership education with focus on socio-economic growth and development in Africa.

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Let's Serve Humanity

We are in search of committed and passionate young men and women between the age of 16-35, let make out foot prints in the voyage of positive change. Click the link below to join us or You can contact us via


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