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Founded in 2011, Young Protégé Leadership Foundation is a Not for profit social enterprise that applies creative learning and innovative tools to educate, mentor and empower young adults and children on leadership and global citizenship education, to cause socioeconomic growth and development in Africa. A pioneer in the field of social advocacy married with the use of innovative tools. Young Protégé Leadership Foundation uses an array of innovative tools to simplify learning leadership for young adults and children, with the primary aim of raising outstanding, transparent and open servant leaders for Africa’s growth.

We are in constant partnership with civil society, NGOs, CSOs, public institutions and the media, chiefly in the areas of advocacy, community engagement, research, innovation, and technology. Young Protégé Leadership Foundation methodology is deploying refined skill sets to creatively develop tools and game to educate and empower citizens to use knowledge acquired in demanding good governance and engage as active citizens.

Beyond leadership, Young Protégé Leadership Foundation is a strong advocate for quality education (SDG 4). Most symbolic is the READ TO LEAD, created in 2015. . Read To Lead is aimed at inspiring young people to take reading as a culture enroute leadership. Reading is a core habit of every leader that has succeeded. With a world full of mediocre and distraction, reading is fast becoming a habit of the past. Young Protégé Leadership Foundation through the Read To Lead looks to encourage reading culture, literacy, community participation and reduce the number of drop out of school children in Kenya. We look forward to see you as a leader passionate about “REAL” change.

So far, Young Protégé Leadership Foundation had been able to reach over 11,500 Nigerians via digital and physical spaces, leading online and offline conversations on leadership and quality education. Young Protégé Leadership Foundation is now widely regarded as a trusted local Not for profit organization on leadership and quality education

On ground, Young Protégé Leadership Foundation collaborates with several NGOs and CSOs to deliver community advocacy projects that foster the improvement of literacy among children and young adults. Relying on donor funding, we have worked with 6 Not for profit organizations to facilitate teaching leadership session using the Protégé LEAD game. Protégé LEAD game is the first African leadership paper board game that teaches leadership skill using a fun and play to learn methodology.

The Protégé LEAD game is a board game with 41 playing cards, a dice, and 4-player cards. The game moves from the conventional way of teaching leadership in a class format to using a board game. We have gotten amazing testimonies from players on how the Protégé LEAD game has help in simplifying learning basic leadership values. The game also comes with a free book, pen, pencil, eraser, and ruler to support the education of the African child. We also tell social change stories on climate change, poverty, education etcetera using attractive and colorful comic books. The board game has been played by over 10,000 children and young adults across Africa.

Our past, and recent engagement with the Global Education First Initiative (GEFI), an initiative of the former United Nations Secretary General, Mr Ban Ki Mon has allowed us to contribute to development of a unified global curriculum for global citizenship education which could be localize in any country. We consistently understand that global citizenship education can help empower young adults and children needed to become active participants in their local community to foster a just, equal and sustainable world.

Young Protégé Leadership Foundation, which began as a local initiative in Ogun, Nigeria now has active members in Kenya and Sierra Leone.

To inspire, Motivate, Educate and Mentor new crop of trans-generational leaders for the paradigm shift in Africa as being a waiting continent vis a vis a proactive one.

To educate, mentor and empower a new genre of African leaders through support for quality education(SDG 4) and providing the needed knowledge and skill for personal & communal transformation.

To establish a citadel of leadership education with focus on socio-economic growth and development in Africa.

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