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Deelivia features Akinnike Michael Oluwatobi

This great vision was birth out of great passion for a change in Africa. His personal story has inspired close to 15 start-up organization and 2,500 direct young people and 10,000 others. This is the story of mediocrity turn success, grass to grace, irresponsibility to responsibility… Read the amazing story fb_img_1468433874771

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Opportunity comes but once they say,that is why I don’t toil with anyone I come across.Few months ago my mentor, the founder of Young Protege Leadership Foundation,Tobi Michael Akinnike told me about a two weeks internship programme organized by Ola foundation. And he told me to fill the form as soon as possible.

I checked the link he sent to me and as I was filling the form I saw different categories they will be training the interns on.As a debater, i was looking for a platform I could express myself but saw categories like online marketing, fashion,baking, coding,leather works etc so I decided to choose leather works.I submitted the form and some weeks later I was called to be interviewed,I pass the interview and I was chosen to learn how to make slippers and sandals at shoe speed.

During and after the internship programme I have made different kind of slippers and sandals.My page on face book is “Dmf quality”,that is where you can find my works.

This are some of his works.






My profound gratitude goes to MR. Tobi Michael Akinnike,Young Protege Leadership Foundation, Ola foundation,ShoeSpeed Ltd. and the Almighty GOD,for this opportunity. You are not a blessing until others have been bless by you,thank you for being a blessing to me.




     youth-leadershipTeens stepping into Leadership.
> Who are Teens? Teens are people with Great Initiatives, they are little ones with
large hearts and as most people would say, "They are the leaders of tomorrow"
> But come to think of it, we have a million and one teens stepping into leadership
with or without positions. We have a lot of teens with that leadership
characteristic. Teens like Zuriel Oduwole, Malala, Samuel Adekunle to mention but
a few are examples of teens changing the world from where they are.
> Listen, Leadership is not about position held but by impact or influence. You
might be in position of Leadership but you might not be leader, while you might be
a leader without a position.
> In this article, I would be explaining to you the keys of becoming a good leader.
> 1. Mentoring: A good leader needs to be mentored especially teens(because we get
easily influenced by what happens around us) Teenagers needs Mentors that have the
same mindset as they have, some people pick Mentors with these questions.
> A. What are the impacts he or she has  made in people's lives? What are the
things I want to learn from him or her.
> B. What are his or her flaws (even though you have to overlook some flaws and work
on it in yourself), does it have effect on my personality also?
> C. Is he/she Godfearing?
> D. What is his line of vision?
> E. What are the things I want to learn from him in the nearest future?
> But see a Leader is not a leader until he has a mentor because a Leader without a
GOOD mentor is likely a stray dog without a guide or a blind man without a guide
dog. You cannot give what you don't have, you must have learnt from someone if it
is true that leaders are not born but made  Your mentor is someone bigger and
better with More experience.
> 2. Taking Responsibilities
> If I were to be asked who a leader is? my reply would be 'someone that takes
responsibility for challenges, wrong and problems around him to make a positive
change because Leadership is about taking responsibilities of things that are not
happening right around us. There is no leader without responsibility.
> 3. Learning.
> An individual can not and would never know all because no one is a walking
Encyclopedia of knowledge. Sometimes, you have to go steps lower than your status
to learn but trust me it always worth it.
> 4. Becoming a leader requires patience because Leaders are not born, they are
made. To become the best of a leader, you should have gone through a lot of tests,
I.e. receiving insults from people less than you are but trust me it is worth it.
Applying these guides will not only help you realise the leader you are, it would
also help you unleash it.
> I am fully expecting more teen leaders in this world to change thing, I hope you
would be part of them. See you at the top. Have a nice day.



Have you ever wondered and asked yourself when should I start that business, enterprise, vision or dream? I know the feeling of incompetence when you are so passionate about a cause, you may ask where do I get capital(money), what do I have to start, what knowledge do I need, who am I to be great, brilliant or a leader, why should I make other people’s problem mine?

About 5 years ago, I started Young Protégé Leadership Foundation with nothing, fatherless and lost. I started where I was and with what I had. I had a vision of mentoring trans-generational leaders, I was not with all the knowledge, I read the book given to me by one of my mentors ”START WITH WHAT YOU HAVE”, immediately I started acting on the available information. Ever since, all resource I need to fulfill this has I have attracted(THE SECRET) and today we have impacted over 5000 children and youths and mentored 20 teenagers.

WP_20160328_11_26_48_Pro WP_20160328_12_59_17_Pro

Today, I celebrate one of my Protégés, Joy Adjaka; a teenage who under our mentorship has learnt that leadership is responsibility and solving other people’s problem. Joy is a fourteen years old girl, who is full of dreams and love for the less privilege; she is a volunteer with the YPLF team.
Yesterday, Easter Monday, she paid a visit to Wholistic home in Loburo, Mowe, Ogun state. Wholistic home is an orphanage and female rehabilitation shelter that have being abused, or a addict, and ex-sex workers. She supplied toiletries, washing soap, reading materials, food, and provision and she also counseled the girls and children in the Wholistic shelter never to give up and encouraged them to yield themselves to mentorship.
We are proud of you Joy. We are glad you are growing and developing faster than we thought. Our dreams were to raise successors for me, the likes of Raquel Jacobs, Victoria Ibiwoye, Adepeju Salu, Pastor Sam Adeyemi, Bill Gate, Steve R Covey, Isaac Success, Dangote, John Maxwell, Malala, e.t.c.

IMG-20160328-WA0002 WP_20160328_12_59_21_Pro
Today, you have shown that, our dreams are achievable and we as Young Protégé Leadership Foundation, we are proud to have mentored you. The Sky is the starting point. We are committed to mentor so many of Joy and will support them with all available resource to us to help them succeed.