This New Protege LEAD Game Teaches Children How To Develop Honesty, Leadership, And Life Skills


Albert Einstein is reported to have said something like, ‘if you cannot teach it for a 6 year old to understand, then you don’t know it well’. One meaning of Einstein’s statement is that, if broken down well enough, almost every topic can be simply understood by children.
Einstein’s line of thinking is why Young Protege Leadership Foundation, a social enterprise from Nigeria, wants to teach children leadership skills, using a fun board game that can be played by any five-year old child.
Billed as ‘Africa’s first leadership paper board game’, this new game walks children through ethical leadership in a simple, basic, and fun filled way.
According to the game producers, the idea behind the product is simple. Many of the problems we see today in Africa can be traced to unethical and bad leadership. It appears very few people actually understand the essence of leadership, that is why many politicians, advocates, or others could end up in key positions but still not know how to lead. There are simply too many misconceptions about leadership. Some people think leadership means being a good public speaker, others think it means knowing statistics and data, and others think it is all about having a network of people who can solve a problem.

True leadership is broader than all the above and this is exactly what the Protégé Lead Game teaches young children. The game is being introduced as a tool to start the learning process from an early age. It comes in a kit complete with over forty paper cards, a board, and dice. Two to Four players are needed to play the game, as they play, the children will meet concepts like ‘vision’, ‘education’, ‘mentoring’, ‘passion’, and ‘determination’. There are also action points that make the player know what each term means.
The game kit has two comic books which use colorful characters and memorable storytelling to tackle the problem of corruption and who a leader is. The comics are good because we learn eighty percent from what we see and hear.
Apart from the comic books, the game kit also contains an exercise book, pencil, pen and eraser, to support the SGD 4 quality education project; the growth and development of a country or nation is directly proportional to the quality of education by majority of its populace.
Toby Akinnike Michael Oluwatobiloba is a leadership enthusiast and the team leader of Young Protégé Leadership Foundation, the maker of the game. Toby says “even though Africans inherited a rich culture from our ancestors, we have added negative things like greed, corruption and oppression, to our rich culture. To clean our culture, we must take be ready to take strange steps. This is a timely solution. We have to erase the bad culture of corruption, unethical practices, and bad leadership, using creative and innovative educational tools like this game”.
The Protégé Kit is available for sale for USD 10, excluding shipping. Special offers for NGOs and other groups. For more details, email

Metamorphosis College, Adesan host Read 2 Lead



The Read 2 Lead project which was created to help young children read and to inculcate the lost reading culture into the children of today,  was held at metamorphosis college, mowe on 5th February, 2016.

“All sessions where educative and inspiring said praise a student, from the opening to the book review, to through the role play and sharing of success stories by facilitators was splendid”, she said.


The book reviewed were changes for Kristen and Catalyst: Change Agents. The children learnt about Gender equity and also about transformers and conformers.


The spelling bee was interactive, gifts and one week free launch were given to the outstanding students.

The children also participated in the Role play, stepping into the shoes of their parent and teacher while the an adult played the role of a child. The pupils in their role play as a teacher, stressed the need of literacy to succeed and the need of making right choices as a parent.

The children watched a video clip on Pastor Nick Vujicie titled “Attitude is Altitude” and John C Maxwell, America’s leadership expert on “Finding your purpose”.

The success story telling session was inspiring as Isaac success shared on how he overcame his speech problem to become a public speaker, Victoria spoke about he w she came from the ghettos with low self esteem to become a global citizen. Akinnike Michael Oluwatobiloba in his preceding speech about how he found himself after losing direction of his life and purpose, and how he started Young Protege Leadership Foundation. He express his joy to see the children start solving local problems in the community.

The curtain was drawn as Miss Chioma, a serving NYSC corp member from Abia said “this is what mowe community needs, the children needs transformation from old cultural ways of the locality , as teenage pregnancy and dropping out of school is fast becoming a culture”

The proprietor, Mr Ofili expressed is surprise and unending joy in his words “we just wanted to keep the students engaged positively but this event is beyond our imagination and we are overwhelmed”

The project ended on a funfair note, Selfie and group photographs drew the curtain of Read 2 Lead.

Written by Adekunle Samuel.