Have you ever wondered and asked yourself when should I start that business, enterprise, vision or dream? I know the feeling of incompetence when you are so passionate about a cause, you may ask where do I get capital(money), what do I have to start, what knowledge do I need, who am I to be great, brilliant or a leader, why should I make other people’s problem mine?

About 5 years ago, I started Young Protégé Leadership Foundation with nothing, fatherless and lost. I started where I was and with what I had. I had a vision of mentoring trans-generational leaders, I was not with all the knowledge, I read the book given to me by one of my mentors ”START WITH WHAT YOU HAVE”, immediately I started acting on the available information. Ever since, all resource I need to fulfill this has I have attracted(THE SECRET) and today we have impacted over 5000 children and youths and mentored 20 teenagers.

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Today, I celebrate one of my Protégés, Joy Adjaka; a teenage who under our mentorship has learnt that leadership is responsibility and solving other people’s problem. Joy is a fourteen years old girl, who is full of dreams and love for the less privilege; she is a volunteer with the YPLF team.
Yesterday, Easter Monday, she paid a visit to Wholistic home in Loburo, Mowe, Ogun state. Wholistic home is an orphanage and female rehabilitation shelter that have being abused, or a addict, and ex-sex workers. She supplied toiletries, washing soap, reading materials, food, and provision and she also counseled the girls and children in the Wholistic shelter never to give up and encouraged them to yield themselves to mentorship.
We are proud of you Joy. We are glad you are growing and developing faster than we thought. Our dreams were to raise successors for me, the likes of Raquel Jacobs, Victoria Ibiwoye, Adepeju Salu, Pastor Sam Adeyemi, Bill Gate, Steve R Covey, Isaac Success, Dangote, John Maxwell, Malala, e.t.c.

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Today, you have shown that, our dreams are achievable and we as Young Protégé Leadership Foundation, we are proud to have mentored you. The Sky is the starting point. We are committed to mentor so many of Joy and will support them with all available resource to us to help them succeed.