VOLUNTEERISM BY ADEKANBI MICHEAL, Logistics Director and Founder of Rex Initiative.

schoolSocial Development, community development, constructing amiable social structure, propagating sustainable development and a laudable society are long over due to be experienced in Nigeria. Various mechanisms, models and skills have been used overtime to fostering the desired changes of which some to an extent were successful. However, one of the vital tools to quickening the realisation of the aforementioned in our contemporary age is Volunteerism. According to ‘dictionary.com’, Volunteerism is the policy or practice of volunteering one’s time or talents for charitable, educational, or other worthwhile activities, especially in one’s community. Volunteering is an expression of the individual’s involvement in their community. Participation, trust, solidarity and reciprocity, grounded in a shared understanding and a sense of common obligations, targeted at reinforcing values at the heart of governance and good citizenship.A second form of volunteerism is mutual aid or self-help when people with shared needs, problems or interests join forces to address them. Asides the benefits of volunteerism to a society as a whole, Eyitayo Ogunmola a social entrepreneur and the founder of PM Hub Nigeria, outlined a few benefits of volunteerism to the sole actor which are; passion discovery, positive karma, experience profiling, travel opportunity, work hard rigour, mastery of skills, gain field insight, gain respect and reputation, network expansion and profile build-up. Your professional skills and knowledge are needed in your community irrespective of your age, social status, height or sex. Volunteer to doing something tangible in your community today and you would be surprised seeing the changes that would erupt



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On 19th April, 2016 we got great news for our hardwork and passion working on quality education (SDG 4) for the past five years from www.worldmerit.org

Empowered by World Merit Stamp

www.worldmerit.org is now an official partner of Young Protégé Leadership Foundation We have educated, mentored and empowered about 5000 children and young adult through our innovative and creative projects.


At this time, this is a time to double our effort on advocating for a change of attitude toward education and we are ready and committed to birthing and raising of trans-generational leaders for the growth and development of Africa.

In the next few weeks, we will be considering what this partnership has to offer for us, our volunteers, Nigeria and Africa at large in respect to SDG 4. We hope that you stay close to us because we cannot make this change alone; we need YOU to reach the unreached and vulnerable.


     youth-leadershipTeens stepping into Leadership.
> Who are Teens? Teens are people with Great Initiatives, they are little ones with
large hearts and as most people would say, "They are the leaders of tomorrow"
> But come to think of it, we have a million and one teens stepping into leadership
with or without positions. We have a lot of teens with that leadership
characteristic. Teens like Zuriel Oduwole, Malala, Samuel Adekunle to mention but
a few are examples of teens changing the world from where they are.
> Listen, Leadership is not about position held but by impact or influence. You
might be in position of Leadership but you might not be leader, while you might be
a leader without a position.
> In this article, I would be explaining to you the keys of becoming a good leader.
> 1. Mentoring: A good leader needs to be mentored especially teens(because we get
easily influenced by what happens around us) Teenagers needs Mentors that have the
same mindset as they have, some people pick Mentors with these questions.
> A. What are the impacts he or she has  made in people's lives? What are the
things I want to learn from him or her.
> B. What are his or her flaws (even though you have to overlook some flaws and work
on it in yourself), does it have effect on my personality also?
> C. Is he/she Godfearing?
> D. What is his line of vision?
> E. What are the things I want to learn from him in the nearest future?
> But see a Leader is not a leader until he has a mentor because a Leader without a
GOOD mentor is likely a stray dog without a guide or a blind man without a guide
dog. You cannot give what you don't have, you must have learnt from someone if it
is true that leaders are not born but made  Your mentor is someone bigger and
better with More experience.
> 2. Taking Responsibilities
> If I were to be asked who a leader is? my reply would be 'someone that takes
responsibility for challenges, wrong and problems around him to make a positive
change because Leadership is about taking responsibilities of things that are not
happening right around us. There is no leader without responsibility.
> 3. Learning.
> An individual can not and would never know all because no one is a walking
Encyclopedia of knowledge. Sometimes, you have to go steps lower than your status
to learn but trust me it always worth it.
> 4. Becoming a leader requires patience because Leaders are not born, they are
made. To become the best of a leader, you should have gone through a lot of tests,
I.e. receiving insults from people less than you are but trust me it is worth it.
Applying these guides will not only help you realise the leader you are, it would
also help you unleash it.
> I am fully expecting more teen leaders in this world to change thing, I hope you
would be part of them. See you at the top. Have a nice day.