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Read To Lead started at 12:07pm. We all recited the 2nd stanza of the National anthem as the opening prayer, the event was anchored by Miss Seun.

Miss Seun asked all schools and organizations to introduce themselves. We had participants from Emmanuel excellent school (Mowe), Oregun High Senior School (Oregun), Renaissance Academy (Mushin), Utol School (Arepo), and Brich Freman Senior High School. Miss Seun asked a participant to talk briefly on what he knows about Akinnike Michael, the founder of Young Protégé Leadership Foundation. He introduced himself as Felix Mameh; he said, ‘Michael is a mentor and a role model leader to him’. Miss Seun then gave the microphone to Akinnike Michael for the welcome speech.


Michael said a big thank you to The U.S Consulate in Nigeria and CC Hub for hosting the Read to Lead of July, 2018. He said a warm welcome to all the participants. He started his speech with a brief story of how he lost his father as a teenager which led to his lost of direction on life and purpose. He spoke about how education and reading inspirational book led him to self-discovery and then started Young Protégé Leadership Foundation in 2011. He encouraged all participants to read a book in the coming summer holiday, He told the attendees that reading is an important habit of great leaders. He encouraged everyone to continuously ask and answer these three questions; Who am I, what can I offer to the world and why was I made? If you can answer these questions correctly your life will henceforth be correct and everyone will want to be like you, he said. He concluded saying a reader is a pilgrim, the pages of the book are the road to wisdom and wisdom is the father of wealth. The room was filled with rousing applause after the speech.

It was time for an icebreaker called Charade. Miss  Seun led the Icebreaker. Deborah Joel and Ayodele Ayoola played the game. Charade is a communication icebreaker. One of the player communicates with clear body language while the other interprets to the audience after understanding the message passed across with body language. Learners learned that there is no communication without a receiver who had understand the message passed across.

We all saw 2 videos of teachers breaking barriers through innovative teaching using song, rap and more as a tool to teach in class. In the first video, it resulted in 100% success rate for the elementary school pupils. The second video, it resulted in 93% transition from high school to college in a neighborhood known for high drop out rate after high school. Akinnike Michael implore teachers to use creative and innovative means to ensure learners learn in class.

The Read Aloud session was led by Deborah Joel; a team member of Young Protégé Leadership Foundation. She quickly spoke about the aim of Read To Lead. She said Read To Lead is aimed at inspiring young people to pick reading as a lifelong culture enroute leadership. She introduced he book to be reviewed as Protégé Comic book. A book written and illustrated by Young Protégé Leadership Foundation. We had four groups;

Group 1 led by Mrs Tolulope Adebayo

Group 2 led by Deborah Joel

Group 3 led by Titilope Adeuja

Group 4 led by Adekanbi Michael

The group all read the second comic story in the Protégé Comic book titled; Who is the Leader?

Saba Basit said, “he learned that Tobi was the leader even when he was not a prefect because he chose to solve the problem of the school, Michael was the senior prefect but was irresponsible and a bully”. Animashaun Yussuf said,” He learned that young people can be a role model to elderly people and correct them politely when they are doing wrong”.

We had the 2nd Video session titled; The Tree. The video illustrated that anyone can lead provided they can take active responsibility to solve a particular problem in their immediate community.  It was a very emotional moment for the young people in attendance as some where crying as they watched a 5 years old boy lead the removal of a tree when everyone was complaining about the tree.

It was time to have fun. We played the Protégé LEAD game. We all had 15 mins to play the game. Participants felt the time was too short to play the game. The Protégé LEAD game is the first African Leadership board game that teaches leadership values while having fun. Mrs Oyeyemi said, “ She enjoyed the game especially the quote that came with the corresponding cards”. Zainab said, “The Protégé LEAD game is not just a game but an educative game that everyone should have”. Adekanbi Michael led the Protégé LEAD game session. Adekanbi M. concluded the session charging all that passion is not enough, they should acquire knowledge and implore it to lead positive change in their community.

Miss Michelle; a staff of the American Corner, Yaba, Lagos spoke about the opportunities the venue had to offer like the MOOC camp, STEM Club and Entrepreneurship Club.

Mrs Adebayo Tolulope; a member of Young Protégé Leadership Foundation advisory board was very excited to be part of the event. She said her expectations were exceeded and the event was outstanding. She encouraged the participants to be the change they seek. She stressed the need for everyone to be a problem solver wherever they found themselves.

Miss Ebun; a member of the research team of Young Protégé Leadership Foundation gave the vote of thanks. She said thank you to CC Hub and the American Corner initiators for hosting all of us in their space. She also said thank you to all participants and volunteers who made their way to the event despite their busy schedule. The Read To Lead came to a close while we all had snacks and a bottle of water for lunch.




Akinnike Michael Welcome Speech at READ TO LEAD HELD @ THE American Corner, Sabo, Yaba, Lagos.


I say a big welcome to all our guest, schools, partners and amazing volunteers. A big thank you to the U.S consulate Nigeria for approving this space for todays event and the entire team of CC hub. We are glad and excited about the privileged to be here.

In 2008, a young secondary school leaver lost his father after a long battle with sickness. He never knew this particular tragic event will forever change his life. He lost direction on life and purpose. He could not imagine his life without his father. He could not continue with school because of financial constraint. He started working on a construction site as an unskilled labour to earn #700 after working from 8am to 5pm. On the construction site he made few mistakes with drugs, alcohol and abuse on the female gender.


On a fateful day, he came late to work and was assigned to carry 50kg cement bags up a three storey building construction site to be paid #700. The boy himself was 53kg in body mass. He was tired, hungry and depressed while doing the job for the day. After the days job, he was paid his wage and he continued to ponder on three questions that has engulfed his heart. The questions were; who am i? what was I made for? Is this the only thing I could offer the world? This was the beginning of destiny for him.

Fast forward, in 2011 he went back to school to study Mathematics/Computer science at the National Open University of Nigeria. He founded Young Protégé Leadership Foundation to educate, mentor, and empower young people and children on leadership for socioeconomic growth and development in Africa.


Young Protégé Leadership Foundation has under his leadership designed the First African leadership board game Protege LEAD game to teach leadership to children and young people with fun and Protégé Mobile App 1,0 on Google play store which you should download. You all will play Protégé LEAD game today and have the privileged to give us feedback on it. The event you are attending is the 9th Read To Lead session and the first in Lagos and was planned with that boy called No Future Ambition as the LEAD. YPLF has reached over 12,000 children and young people directly and indirectly.  That same boy is standing before you this morning.

Education is very important to achieving our potential in life, as young people we must all strive to get a good education. Education does not end in the four walls of the class room. We must maximize our time on the internet to acquire knowledge that will make us a positive value to our community. I cannot over flog what reading has done to me in particular. The team of Young people at Young Protégé Leadership Foundation are a testimony to what life long learning and reading good books can do. Book expose you to the world beyond your own. it enlightens, inspire and energize your mind. Books are therapy to the soul. A reader is a leader. I want to charge you all that during this forth coming summer holiday pick up a book. Read books that will help you see the impossible. Books that will push you toward success in all your endeavor.


In conclusion, not all books are good for your consumption but in books are hidden the treasure of the future, only readers can mine this treasure. A reader is a pilgrim in search of knowledge, the pages of the book are roads paved to wisdom. At the end of every book the reader becomes wiser and wisdom i say is the father of wealth.