Ishaya, Markus Harry

Ishaya, Markus Harry



  • City Jos, Nigeria
  • Sex Male
  • Hobbies/Interest Community/Public Services
  • Contact


Ishaya, Markus Harry, CEO Renaissance Youths of Nigeria Initiative (RYNi) was born in Jos,Plateau State to The family of (Late) Chief Markus Williams Ishaya, married to a beautiful woman Barr. Wemanne Grace Harry Ishaya and blessed with a Son Elhanan MM Harry.

An alumnus of University of Jos; studied Diploma in General and Applied Psychology (2005) and BSc. Psychology 2008.

A Dedicate Community volunteer and committed public service which led to purposeful Leadership, Service delivery and has made a difference in the lives of individuals in my immediate community. He has held a number of positions/responsibilities both in Secular and Religious organizations.
Due to His immense contributions to Church growth, he was accorded recognition as: Chief Builder of the Fellowship by the Youth fellowship ECWA GOODNEWS Nassarawa Gwong Jos.

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