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Many are ashamed to put the learner sign on their car. They don’t want people to laugh at them. They don’t want to look inferior to people who may see them. Forgetting that everyone was once a learner

Infact, many people you are putting into consideration don’t even know how to drive. They laugh at you because they want to intimidate you. They are afraid you are going ahead of them

Never mind. Amateur status is temporary if you can persist at learning. You will either despise the shame and learn or remain ignorant. Even the greatest athlete, musician, leader or whatever field were once a LEARNER. They are champions today because they persist at learning

Never mind if you have to enroll for a course with people far younger than you in a class. Never mind if you have to buy a book meant for people far below your age. Never mind if you have to get your hands dirty in the process of learning. Never mind even if as a leader your follower needs to put you through something you do not know.

Learner status is not something to be ashamed of. The Learners summit is aimed at inspiring young adults to imbibe the culture of a lifelong learner as a change maker in our local communities. We hope to ignite civic engagement, activism and innovation to solve local problems in Africa. We hope to be the lay the first foundation of good governance and cause a paradigm shift in the public service in Africa.

Learning is something to embrace. Learning is continuous be ready to assume the position from time to time on your way to greatness. KAIZEN. Continuous learning, Continuous Growth...